have stubborn fat?


It’s called stubborn fat for a reason. Because no matter how much effort you put into eating healthy and exercising regularly, there’s no gain — it’s virtually impossible to lose the muffin top and love handles. Say hello to the body you once had with a clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally nonsurgical treatment⁠.⁠

⁠We’re currently taking names of women and men interested in attending our next CoolSculpting informational event at Cake Bake. Seating will once again be limited. To receive early notifcation and have first dibs on a reserved seat, please email us.⁠


t’s National Botox Day next month on Wednesday, November 20! And whether you’re new to this secret beauty weapon or already look years younger because of it, you’ll be awarded double Brilliant Distinction points if you receive treatment from November 20 to 27.

Appointments must be paid for in advance so that we can submit your BD points on the 20th, regardless of your actual appointment day. Openings for this promotion with our Master Nurse Injector are limited, so we recommend calling the spa sooner than later to make your preferred reservation and payment.

Brilliant Distinctions is a loyalty program that rewards members with savings for purchasing qualifying Allergan treatments and products. If you are currently not a member and wish to take advantage of the BD program, you will need to join (it's free).

Please note that, by law, Allergan cannot award points for Botox treatment if less than three months from your last treatment. So, if you’ve had (or will have) Botox within 90 days of November 20 for which you were awarded (or will be awarded) BD points, you are ineligible to participate in this promotion.

october special


Combination therapy of PICO Genesis plus Enlighten is a must-have for autumn (and it's on special!). We're delighted to note this laser treatment is safe for clients of every skin tone.⁠

⁠PICO is superb for melasma (and is one of few treatments on the market to address this skin condition) and creates a brighter, more uniform complexion, while Enlighten targets isolated brown spots that have otherwise been difficult to diminish. Most individuals need two or more treatments to achieve optimal results.⁠⁠

With our October special, we’ll first treat your full face with PICO for global rejuvenation, and then target isolated age/sun spots, melasma and unwanted freckles with Enlighten. Receive $200 off our already-exceptional pricing when you purchase two (2) PICO-Enlighten combo therapies before the end of the month.

Our full retail price for PICO and Enlighten falls below the industry recommendation, so this month's special is an especially sweet deal. Are you ready to truly revitalize your skin?⁠

easy to use, maximum results


BABOR created the most effective, precision beauty ampoules infused with luxurious and rare rose extracts to perfect your complexion. Experience the ultimate in anti-aging with the Grand Cru intensive treatment set: three different active concentrates with extracts of Damask Rose, White Rose and Black Baccara Rose that together help to firm, smooth and protect your skin in just seven days.

Grand Cru Ampoule Concentrates
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