The KURR Story

A boutique med spa nestled in the Carmel Arts and Design District, KURR artfully blends a relaxing experience with the care, expertise and results expected from a physician's office.


Kimberly Espich, Owner


Kur is a German word meaning “health cure.” In Europe, “taking the kur” means going on a therapeutic retreat for respite and wellness.


Chicago Roots
KURR owner Kimberly Espich has been drawn to aesthetics since she was a little girl. “I’ve always wanted to work on people,” she laughs. “Even my grandpa let me comb his hair.” So after she got a degree in business and public affairs from Indiana University, Kim felt compelled to return to school—this time to get her education in aesthetics in Bloomingdale, Illinois. 

Her career began with a dream job: she was hired at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, where she received excellent training and had the chance to use some of the finest products on the market. “At some point after that,” she says, “I knew I wanted my own boutique spa.” Her first shop, KURR Chicago, opened in Lincoln Park and attracted a devoted clientele. Eventually, as her reputation grew, some famous faces crossed the transom, like then-couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey—and also a group of Oprah Winfrey’s producers, who loved the place and offered Kim a second once-in-a-lifetime gig working in Oprah’s private spa.

“I had just made the decision to move back to Indiana to be closer to my family,” Kim says. “So I did—and I commuted.” The job was worth it—great people, fabulous facilities and products, and an exciting, ever-changing atmosphere thanks to Oprah’s star power. “You never knew who you were going to meet on a given day,” Kim says. But after two years, Oprah’s daily show was coming to an end, and so did the spa. “It was a wonderful job, but it was time to move on,” Kim says.

Formula for Success
Back in Indianapolis, Kim had the chance to work for a plastic surgery group and a dermatologist, soaking up information about all sides of the skin care business and learning exactly where beauty and health care intersect. “I always felt the spa side of skin care was missing something, and the hospital side was missing something as well,” she says. “My goal in re-opening my business was to combine both into a place where people can get complete skin and body care that really works. We truly do combine a high-end spa with all the equipment and knowledge of a medical office.”

KURR Aesthetics and Med Spa opened in 2007 in Carmel, and the business has grown organically—both by building an enthusiastic client base and by offering the latest, most up-to-date advances in health and skin care. (Kim is an avid researcher and developer of new products and treatments—it’s one of her favorite parts of the job.) Her mentor, Dr. Michael Sadove, a preeminent plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, has served as KURR's medical director since its inception. Complementing the inspirational leadership of Dr. Sadove, Kim's hand-picked staff have all worked in some type of medical practice and have years of spa experience and training.

Though Kim’s team of professionals has grown, she’s unique among spa owners in that she continues to provide services herself just because she enjoys it. “I never envisioned being a boss,” she says. “I just really like to do the work, and I love my time with my clients.”