IPL is her ‘miracle.’

Earlier this month, a client wrote to share with us the joy of her transformation under our care. She self-documented her three-month journey, and gave us permission to reprint her story through social media, including her before and after selfies.


KURR client, 41-year-old female

I wanted to express my gratitude for the continued excellent hands I’m placed in when consulting with both your professional staff and licensed aestheticians. Toward the end of summer, I asked the girls upon checkout what treatments would best address some spotting/hyperpigmentation on my face. For my age, I’m very lucky to have the skin I do, but the effects of sunbathing and tanning booths that were foolishly a part of my 20s (plus a two-year battle with perioral dermatitis in my early 30s) were cropping up. While more on the scale of minor, my hope was still to eradicate these marks. I prefer a natural, clean face, so it was important to me to feel comfortable in my skin without any makeup.

Now three months later, I’m astonished with the results. A combination of one facial (including a peel and IPL) plus four subsequent sessions of spot IPL treatment was recommended, and I feel like a miracle has happened to my skin. Not only did the more noticeable spots disappear, but I would say my skin tone has also improved. I know there are products that supposedly help minimize (or keep at bay) these sorts of things, but it was KURR’s specialized, hands-on treatments that fast-tracked my skin — the results were quickly visible, and they are real. Thank you, thank you!

BEFORE: August 13, 2018

AFTER: November 6, 2018


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Ideal for this time of year, two treatments we love include: IPL, a noninvasive treatment targeting discoloration, including the reduction of brown spots and redness, resulting in a renewed, glowing complexion; and Vi Peel, specifically formulated to rejuvenate damaged skin and help prevent future damage, while also softening fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a more even skin tone and smoothing away rough texture.