Yumi Lashes

Yumi Lashes is a keratin lash lift technique resulting in a universally desired “open eye” look.

What are Yumi Lashes?
Yumi Lashes (pronounced “you” + ”me”) is a keratin lash lift service which enhances the natural beauty of eyelashes in a safe, painless and noninvasive way — available exclusively at KURR throughout the Central Indiana region.

With Yumi Lashes, the natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion, creating thick, dark lashes that beautifully curve upwards. This boosting and lifting effect lasts for 6 to 8 weeks.

Yumi Lashes…

  • are made in Paris and are EU-approved, which exceeds the normal standards of the FDA

  • are hypoallergenic

  • are nontoxic

  • are paraben-free

  • use no harsh chemicals

  • require NO false lashes, lash extensions, growth formula, curling perm solutions or harmful adhesives

Yumi Lashes is an excellent alternative to everyday eyelash curling and mascara application. Plus, if you have been using or wish to use an eyelash growth formula such as Latisse or LiLash, these can be done in conjunction with Yumi Lashes!


achieve darker, curvier, lifted lashes.

Patient has dark features and uses Latisse. Images are makeup-free.


Patient has light features. Images are makeup-free.

What can I expect?
Treatment time is 90 minutes, and your results will be instant.

Your KURR aesthetician will begin by cleansing and preparing the skin around your eyes. Both of your under-eye areas will be covered with a special gel pad to shield your lower lashes. Your upper eyelids will then be fitted for comfortable molds exclusive to the Yumi Lashes treatment. Next, your aesthetician will begin using a proprietary ‘adhesive’ (safely made of sugar cane and water) to secure your upper eyelashes up onto the soft molds. Two layers of serums are then applied, each quenching your lashes for approximately 10 minutes. While you continue to rest and enjoy the serene treatment room, a final layer of infused pigment is applied to the lashes.

Your lash enhancement will be instantly visible, and will reach its full effect over the next 36 to 48 hours. Please note that lashes should not get wet for 48 hours after treatment, including steam and excessive sweating. Showering and washing your face should be done carefully to avoid water contact with the eye area.


Consider these post-treatment products.


Nourish Serum Aftercare provides an optimum result to your new treatment. Apply twice a day — in the evening after makeup removal to treat the eyelashes, and in the morning before makeup to restore a beautiful curl. With proper use of this product, a study showed that in just 15 days of application, eyelash length increased from 17 to 43%, while volume grew from 19 to 40%.

Keratin Lash Lift Mascara strengthens and conditions your lashes in between lash lift and tint treatment. This keratin mascara coats and protects your natural lifted lashes, and gives them a clear glitzy gloss. If you choose to still wear mascara with Yumi Lashes, this serum can serve as a primer.