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BABOR has long developed high-performance cosmeceutical products. And now the brand’s DOCTOR BABOR line reflects even more concentrated power and performance. Factors such as pH value, bioavailability and chemical structures of individual active ingredients were examined, and ultimately the most effective ingredients were selected to ensure the most optimal skincare therapy.⁠⁠

You’ll notice the new lineup of DOCTOR BABOR products on display in the boutique. Our aestheticians and professional staff would be delighted to help you navigate these products while keeping in mind your unique skin concerns and beauty goals. Featured here are:⁠⁠

  • Ceramide Cream //⁠ Has a structure identical to the skin and a fantastic instant effect. Its innovative lamellar structure, skin-related lipids and ceramides are absorbed perfectly. In this way, it repairs the skin barrier and ensures stronger, more balanced and extremely smooth skin. Dry skin will love the rich texture, but if you prefer a lighter texture, go for the LMS Lipid Cream to acheive the same result.⁠⁠

  • CE Concentrate //⁠ Helps skin-identical lipids to regenerate, promoting supple, healthy-looking skin. We carry a number of other power concentates — such as EGF to activate the skin’s own growth factors and HA to plump the skin — to truly customize your daily beauty routine.⁠⁠

  • Ampoules //⁠ Glow Bi-Phase contains a combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, seabuckthorn extract and bistorta root extract, which absorb quickly and leave the skin feeling velvety and looking luminous. Lifting Bi-Phase is formulated to help skin appear firmer and smoother. Both ampoules are an intensive skin booster — try them as a seven-day boot camp ahead of specialty events.⁠