get rid of unwanted pigment


The proverbial phrase goes, “A leopard cannot change its spots” — but we can alter yours!

Pictured above is the result after two Enlighten treatments, where we removed a single pigmented lesion near the client’s jawline which had previously been resistant to other means of light therapy.

Enlighten is our newest state-of-the-art laser. It targets melasma and brown spots which have otherwise been difficult to diminish, and with minimal to no discomfort. We can treat the face, hands and body — nearly anywhere that unwanted pigment resides. Results are noticeable in one to three treatments.

Enlighten is especially a game-changer for those with medium to dark complexions. Cosmetic lasers have traditionally posed a risk of scarring or hyperpigmentation in such individuals, but Enlighten’s technology breaks down this barrier and allows us to safely treat all skin tones.