october special


Combination therapy of PICO Genesis plus Enlighten is a must-have for autumn (and it's on special!). We're delighted to note this laser treatment is safe for clients of every skin tone.⁠

⁠PICO is superb for melasma (and is one of few treatments on the market to address this skin condition) and creates a brighter, more uniform complexion, while Enlighten targets isolated brown spots that have otherwise been difficult to diminish. Most individuals need two or more treatments to achieve optimal results.⁠⁠

With our October special, we’ll first treat your full face with PICO for global rejuvenation, and then target isolated age/sun spots, melasma and unwanted freckles with Enlighten. Receive $200 off our already-exceptional pricing when you purchase two (2) PICO-Enlighten combo therapies before the end of the month.

Our full retail price for PICO and Enlighten falls below the industry recommendation, so this month's special is an especially sweet deal. Are you ready to truly revitalize your skin?⁠